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Roof terrace in Marseillan
sky garden roof terrace
Prince rooms to rent maison d'hôtes

The jewel in the crown

All our guests are welcome to unwind and enjoy the delight of the South of France' sun on our top floor. This is an open plan living space with a fully equipped kitchen that opens onto a sunny roof terrace. Surrounded by plants and soaked in bright natural sunlight this place is a bliss at any time of the day: be it for our decadent breakfast, later for some refreshing home-made lemonade or in the evening for some social games around a refreshing glass of wine.

Many have wondered why French people don't get fat?

We won't give away all the secrets, but a strong one is that they eat with love and not with guilt. So when faced with our decadent breakfast take it in like a French.

Oh and the view, yes of course there's the view too.

Lucky you,

yummy breakfast

with a view

 Daily from 8:30am – 10:00am

Life is beautiful here...

Now, it's really up to you to decide how to make the most your time while here at The Prince. There are so many options and we don't want to impose anything. But we do dare to share a couple of snapshots from our terrace, who knows, they might inspire you and help you put a couple of options on your agenda. Finally you're so likely to enjoy la vie-en-rose everyday

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